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Student Admission Representatives

Visit us and interact with current students — learn what it's like to Be A Billiken. Office of Admission students give tours and share with prospective students why they love SLU. Schedule your visit today.

Eileen BermanRecruitment

Eileen Bergman

Hometown: La Grange Park, Illinois

Major: Psychology and Spanish

Why I chose SLU: I fell in love with SLU when I came for a campus visit and immediately felt welcomed by everyone. I chose to attend SLU because of the University's dedication to serving the community of St. Louis, the emphasis on providing a Jesuit education, and the ability to study abroad at SLU's Madrid campus.


Mya DelkamillerBilliken Buddies

Maia Delkamiller

Hometown: Omaha, Nebraska

Major: International Studies and International Business

Why I chose SLU: I chose SLU because of my passion for justice and my love of the Jesuit community. I am able to truly thrive as a servant leader because of all the opportunities available, both inside the classroom and outside it.

Conner GibsonRecruitment 

Conner Gibson

Hometown: Barrington, IL

Major:  Nursing

Why I chose SLU: I was initially attracted to SLU because of the direct-admit nursing program that allowed for a study abroad semester in Spain. As someone who is pursuing a Spanish minor, it was important to me to combine my love of healthcare with my love for the Spanish language in order to provide culturally competent and linguistically capable care to my patients. 

 Michael GuntherCommunications

Michael Gunther

Hometown: Akron, Ohio

Major: Political Science and Anthropology

Why I chose SLU: Having gone to a Jesuit High School, it was very important to me that my college embodied the Jesuit mission. I found SLU to be a university that incorporated the Jesuit ideal of being men and women for and with others very well through all aspects of life.

Kiara Hill

Alumni Communication

Kiara Hill

Hometown: O'Fallon, Missouri

Major:  Psychology

Why I chose SLU:  SLU gave me flexibility and freedom to not only be involved in a lot of different organizations on campus, but also study a variety of courses within different fields. Also, the size of campus complimented my laziness in that it only takes me, at most, ten minutes to walk anywhere, featuring a view that isn't half bad!

Jemma Kim

Alumni Communication

Jemma Kim

Hometown: Lake Zurich, Illinois 

Major:  Physical Therapy

Why I chose SLU: I picked SLU out of the 22 colleges I applied to because everyone made me feel so much at home. Everyone was so warm and welcoming, and I could picture myself getting incredibly involved here in St. Louis. The direct admit physical therapy program was amazing and it was a perfect distance away from home. Everyone at SLU always wants you to succeed and become a better version of yourself!

Avery Lubbes

Ambassador Liaison

Avery Lubbes

 Hometown: Valmeyer, Illinois

Major: Economics

Why I chose SLU: SLU is a perfect mixture between an urban campus and a tight-knit community. It's nice that you can run into tons of friends at the library and there are plenty of opportunities to meet new people!

Kat Martinez


Kat Martinez

Hometown: San Juan, Puerto Rico

Major: Health Management, Pre-Pharm

Why I chose SLU: During my tour of SLU, I remember thinking about how sad I was going to be when my four years here were over. When I caught myself thinking that, I knew that this was the right school for me. I chose SLU because it was going to give me so many opportunities to grow and further explore my passions. I definitely made the right choice and I love being a SLUdent!

Claire Miller

Visit Events

Claire Miller

Hometown: Arcola, Illinois

Major: Health Information Management

Why I chose SLU: I choose SLU because I was looking for something bigger in my life, somewhere I could grow into the woman I am destined to be. Coming from a small town, I needed more space to grow and develop as well as meet more people who may have different views than my own. I was also very drawn to the Jesuit Mission and loved the idea of being men and woman for and with others!

Baker MitchellCommunications

Baker Mitchell

Hometown: Memphis, Tennessee

Major: Marketing

Why I chose SLU: Both of my parents went to SLU. They are from different cities and met here at SLU, so here I am! Everyone always asks me if they pressured me to go to SLU but that is actually the furthest thing from the truth. It is simply how SLU popped up on my college search radar. When I toured, I immediately fell in love. My family and home is very important to me and SLU reminded me SO much of that due to the closeness of the SLU community. I truly felt it in my heart that SLU was the place for me and my home away from home. Now that I am a Billiken, I could not be more sure or happy with my decision.


Tristan MorenaTristan Morena

Hometown: Belleville, Illinois

Major: Finance

Why I chose SLU: I needed to stay close to my reserve unit and visited a few schools around here. I knew I wanted to come to SLU after receiving a fantastic tour from an ambassador that seemed to know everyone.

Angelica Rubi


Angelica Rubi

Hometown: Cape Girardeau, Missouri

Major:  Social Work

Why I chose SLU: I chose SLU because of the passionate people I had met while visiting. Everyone I met was passionate and genuine — I instantly knew I wanted to be a part of that. I wanted to be at a college that would allow me to grow, and SLU has definitely pushed me to be the best version of me. SLU has brought me so many amazing opportunities and friendships — I truly am so lucky.

Nick Schaper


Nick Schaper

Hometown: Rice, Minnesota 

Major: Physics, Pre-Med

Why I chose SLU: I choose SLU because my dad is from St. Louis and I've grown up visiting family in St. Louis my entire life. It wasn't until I started the college search that I found out that SLU offers great programs and opportunities. After visiting the campus, I realized that the community was something I could see myself really enjoying and growing a part of.